Learning to swim

12 11 2016

My father taught me to swim.  He tossed me into the deep end of my Aunt’s pool and walked away.  I was fine.  Getting out of that pool was frightening and exhausting, but once I had done it, the knowledge that I could never left me.  I have never been afraid of water and love swimming and feel that everyone should know how wonderful it is to move through the water and enjoy it as I do.

My father taught my brother to swim.  He tossed my brother in and walked away.  My brother wasn’t boyant like me … He didn’t float to the top like I did.  He sunk to the bottom like a rock.

After a few horrible moments of silence my father looked back to see him drowning instead and jumped in to fish him out.  He yelled at him for not trying to swim and tossed him in again.  I remember him tossing us in a lot.  He had the expectation that we would learn to swim and we did.    It took my brother longer to find his love of water but we both found it.




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