Get a job

10 11 2015

I just dropped my son off at the airport after a very interesting conversation.  He spoke with anger about our President and how he has done nothing to help the poor.

His opinion is that we need to be lifting our population up from the bottom instead of doing more to boost the middle class.

My opinion was that anything done to help the middle class did help the poor.  He got angry and said that I believed in trickle down economics and trickle down doesn’t work.

The trickle down effect works, but only if you’re pouring it in close to those that have need of it.

There is so much anger and bitterness…and I can see where it comes from but I see no need for it.

The words “Get a job”, hurt him when he hears them, but he hears “get up off your lazy ass and work like the rest of us”…even when the intent is only to say “look my friend, the pathway to success starts with getting a job…once you’re on the path…you will find your way.”

This is the experience of many and there is as much validity in it as there is in my son’s belief that it’s not working for everyone.

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