Dear Lucky,

17 09 2013

There must be a million sellers on Ebay and you managed to get me!

For several years now I have been getting Ebay messages to my email box saying Sell your old junk “free” today!

Well I have been out of work and lots of times I have seen how people are running thriving businesses out of their homes on Ebay.

Well the other day I said hell … why not give it a try and I grabbed the closest thing to me and took some photos and posted them for sale.

Thank God that it was ONLY one item.

I managed to pick up some work out-of-town and jetted off never thinking of it again.

I got back home late Friday to find you had bought my wonderful item.

Congratulations!! YOU WON!!!!

Total payment $19.25!   Woooohooo!   I have done it.  I will ship this tomorrow and can just relax and collect my cash!

Saturday I tried wrapping this puppy up and found that it is an odd shape and size and doesn’t fit in anything I have … and my printer doesn’t work. CWAP!   Heck with it…I will mail it Monday.

Monday I run to W*****t and grab a box that looks good and go by the library to print a shipping label but the library isn’t open.

I get home and the box isn’t big enough … REALLY !!! it looked HUGE in the store but when you start folding it is amazing how small it is.

I am beginning to really hate myself for doing this…and honestly wondered if I could just give you $5.00, return your funds and swear NEVER TO DO THIS AGAIN and just make it all go away!

So Tuesday it is and 5 days after you paid.  DANG it!  I got up this morning determined that you were going to get your package.

I looked at every box I have and found one that I could deconstruct duck tape to hell and back to keep it structurally sound, put what was in it in a clean garbage bag and wrapped away.   I jetted out to the post office  without the shipping label and FINALLY got it in the mail!

Success!!!  Oh by the way.  I estimated the size wrong the item Ebay said would ship for $5.00 just shipped for $14.05

I made a profit but I wonder if I have to pay sales tax????

I think I was trying to put a whole years learning curve in on my first sale but Thank You for taking a chance on me.

God Bless you for your patience and I truly do hope that you truly enjoy your new shelf!

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