Currently I am wrapped in the loving arms of my family and absorbing as much of the wit and wisdom of my sister-in-law as possible and I am sure much of that will spill over here. My sister in law is on what they call Maintenance Chemo, meaning she must take it weekly to stay alive. Chemo days mean we are off early and spend 5-6 hours in the Dr’s office. Most of my life revolves around being here for her. She isn’t always going to be here so I am trying to find ways to keep some part of my life separate just for me. I love to write and when I was young had lots of family that I kept in touch with but every year brings more loss and those letters are few and far between. I am extremely opinionated and would love stirring up some lively banter and lighthearted replies.


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25 08 2012

shannon i have a small favour, by any chance can you put the follow blog widget on your blog, it is in wp settings under widgets, i’d like to recieve posts via email thanks!

25 08 2012
Velcro Not Strings

I have tried to figure out how to do that… but am not able to at this time… will figure it out ASAP and get back to you on that one.

25 08 2012

Sorry for your pain hon, another opioninated gal here, or gals, and guys as we are multiple, feel free to come on over if you have time to check us out and follow us

Safe hugs ahd keep smiling ❤

25 08 2012
Velcro Not Strings

Have been there before and enjoy your blog…thanks for visiting mine.

10 08 2012

sorry about your sister!
i love banter! bring it! lol

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