How many hippies can you get in a van going south to the next gathering?

10 08 2018

The punch line is ONE MORE AND A DOG…it doesn’t matter how many are already in it…you can always fit in one more and a dog!

We have told this joke a lot in our family because both my Mother and I have an affinity for taking in strays. How many people can you fit in our homes…it’s usually one more and a cat. When I was in my teens, my Mother would say, there’s always room for one more, and she meant it. I am happy to say it’s one of the gifts she did pass on to me.

About 14 years ago when Karen ended up on the streets with a drug habit, Mom took her in and when she found out she was pregnant, as usual she said “there’s always room for one more.” We all about fainted when we heard that she was pregnant with twins!

I also landed with Mom for quite a spell during this time and we had truly a full house. When she gave birth everyone was there and for quite some time the kids hardly ever touched the floor as there were many hands to help feed and care for them.

Mom and Karen didn’t always agree and since Mom had a home and Karen didn’t, when Karen moved out and wanted to take her children with, Mom fought her and won. Karen didn’t want her babies on the streets with her and didn’t fight too hard knowing they were loved and taken care of.

This is how “the twins” ended up as my little sister and brother. Till they were almost 4 I was a big part of their everyday lives. Mom and I disagreed about their care and Mom had her home and I didn’t so she won again. That’s how she ended up a full time, hands on, single parent at the age of 70.

The last few years she has lost her ability to care for them as dementia has set in and while she fought a fierce battle to keep them, she just wasn’t able to care for them any longer.

We thought for a time Child welfare would just intervene and remove them from her care as they weren’t actually related to her but they recognized that OUR family was their family, and left it up to us to jump in and make a plan for them, and we have.

Kevin and I have just become parents to twelve year old twins! They need so much! Everything they had barely fit into two carry-ons for the trip here. My baby is 35 now and Kevin has never had children so we were more than a bit worried about jumping in here but now it’s done.

Wish us luck!



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