25 06 2018

Warning the comments on thi post are potentially triggerering.

So many people seem to disagree with my interpretation of the “Me Too” movement that I am wondering about whether or not I really get it. I do believe that it’s a conversation that’s worth having.

To me “Me too” really isn’t about the “high powered offenders” that get away with this… it’s about the fact that as a society whenever this occurs we shame the victim into silence, we turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to what has occurred and allow the number of victims to be endlessly racked up AND IT’S WRONG!

It’s about the fact that because we are embarrassed about the subject that we never say it out loud and continue to let those doing it believe that it is acceptable behavior. That this is something people admire about them…that they “get away with it.”

With the big names and multitudes who have added their stories, we have dramatic public evidence of it, that PROVE THAT POINT. It happens every minute in a thousand ways by thousands of people who don’t stop, and all it takes to stop it is for everyone who knows it’s happening to SAY THIS IS WRONG!

“ME too” is about NOT backing down in shame… “ME TOO” is about GOOD PEOPLE having the guts to stand up to people that they may otherwise respect and care about and say “what your doing is unacceptable behavior.”

I believe that it’s about the fact that our complicity with it, allows it to keep happening and that WE TOO have been let off the hook for this behavior and NOW is the time to step up and change that!

If you have a different take on this subject please share it. If you have a personal experience that needs to be brought out into the light please add your voice to ours. We need to keep having this conversation.



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