8 07 2013

My guess, when looking at this blog, is that most people would just think that I lack focus, but I think its more that my brain doesn’t stay in the same space.

In reality I tend to drift, become micro focused and then drift again.  They are always trying to put me on some kind of medication but the things they want to medicate me for, are not the things I think need fixed.  I wonder if there is medication that would fix that.

Even when I am able to write, I tend not to retain focus for very long on one thing.  Most Blogs seem to stay pretty much on the same subject and I know that is something I need to get better at but I fail miserably.

I can’t even read with focus.  Really if I keep reading one blog constantly because I am emotionally attached or for any reason really, in a short time I find it annoying that everyone else is soooo micro focused!

If they write about being depressed … they never seem to pull out of it.  If they craft it is mostly the same things over and over and over.  I want fresh … new … at least a jolt of something different now and then.

I always thought I would be a writer for a newspaper, but I wouldn’t write columns I would write fillers.  Those little bits of stuff they gather that have no timeline attached that you can put anywhere to take up space where ever you need them.  Useful but really not normally newsworthy as NEWS.

The stuff that is written for people who read from need.  They read the cereal boxes as they eat because they need to read something…it doesn’t matter what.  They consume with their brain.  That way I could hop around and chat about anything that moved me at the moment.

That’s  what I do here.

People drop in and see something about keeping on track with their exercise and diet and hit follow because they think they can come back and find more motivation here later.

Probably not any time soon folks.

Mental health is another focus that seems to come and go.  I tend to follow more of those blogs than any other.   I feel close to those who know that struggle, but for the most part I am healthier than ever and can’t churn out the constant stream of how do I work this through, anymore.

So how do I write a blog that will maintain its followers?  According to what I have read subject hopping isn’t going to build readership.  Good thing I don’t need to be paid for what I do because that is what I do best.  If you read the box of cereal as you eat, hopefully you will find a home here.

sincerely SB




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