Change your thoughts to change your life.

22 06 2013

One of the effects of healing is that my world has opened up immensely.  Being wrapped in pain really keeps your focus at a pin point where it is impossible to know that there is a bigger ANYTHING then the pain you’re in.

I can see major mental shifts in my life and am a personal witness to the fact that the Universe responds to that shift.  Like the fact that the first time I knew that I would never let anyone hit me again: I didn’t have to learn how to defend myself, because it stopped being an issue.

2002 was the first time anyone snapped at me and I realized that I hadn’t done anything to cause it.  Wow.  What a concept.  It took years but that thought finally globalized into “if I am not guilty for every bad thing that’s happened to me, then I deserve good things to happen to me as well”.

The big story here is NOW THEY JUST DO.

Early on in my life I felt helpless to change anything.   Only now do I see that there are REAL effects in my life that have come from the mental changes in me.

Change your thoughts, change your life has been a life long chant for some people.  People who have made a living telling others that this was the way things work in this life and that you too can tap into it.  Can anyone just tap into it?  I finally believe WE CAN.

I am doing it and I want to scream out to those that are just behind me.  YOU CAN!  I am flailing about so you may not want to follow me but it doesn’t happen in a vacuum, so you can try some of the things that I know have worked.

You can change you focus.  Stop looking at the things that keep you down and look around.

Challenge your old ways of thinking in every way you can.   You are Blessed.  You have the internet at your finger tips!  Read as much as you can.

Seminars!  They are designed to tweak the way we’re thinking.   They can take time and money but for now at least there are still internet sites that offer them free.   Google TED talks and spend time checking out everything that interests you.

Keep track of how you’re doing.   Diary’s are great as they let you look back and see where you were and how far you have come but any kind of recording process will do it.  Use photos, graphs, charts, home movies, anything that makes sense with the goal you have, to chart your progress so that you can see it.

Find some way to be tangibly grateful for what you have.  Prayer is a wonderful way if you have a God to pray to, but anyone can give thanks directly to the things that gave up their lives, so that they could live.

There is a belief that thanking water before you drink it changes its molecular structure into something more nourishing to your body and they do have ways to see that change.

Thanking flowers for the beauty they add to your life has been shown to make measurable changes in how they grow.  There is power in your thoughts and releasing positive thoughts into your own environment will allow you to see it.

Your attention has the power to bring about what you focus on.  Keep perfecting your vision of what success looks like to you.  Add that to your newly expanded field of vision and you will get a lot closer to having it.

Everything needs attention and just the act giving something your’s does change it.   Those who have been here, help to keep me motivated in my own personal struggle to thrive:  Thank You for being one of them.




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