The truth…

30 01 2013

For the last few weeks I have been trying to make some sense of what has happened.  A year ago I landed here a mess just like I always do.  I had been dating one guy I couldn’t get away from and not feeling good enough to have a relationship with the perfect one who replaced him…and in the mist of everything Val exacted a promise.  

That promise did what all promises tend to do, it took on a life of it’s own.  There were days I didn’t feel I could honor it and she said she would understand.  There were a few times that she wished she hadn’t asked, and I wished I hadn’t said yes, but we had and we both saw it through.

Because we did I have the gift she wanted me to have when I came here and I feel grateful:  Some sense of value and self worth that I wasn’t able to find before.  This year was gift we gave each other.  It is time for us both to be at peace.  God bless everyone who has been supportive.  God Bless everyone who is in pain.  God Bless and tenderly keep Val till those who love her can be with her again.  Amen



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