Life is like a box of Chocolates…

28 01 2013

I woke up this morning and couldn’t stop crying.  I finally realized what IT is.  I need some kind of transition that has nothing to do with my old life or helping anyone else.   Something that doesn’t scream I was waiting for you to die so that I could get back to MY life!

I am not who I was when I came here.  I need time and space to find out who I am now.  People are having radical reactions to my saying this bike trip is it.  If you are among them please put your heart at rest.  I am not going down to the goodwill today, getting a bike and peddling off with my kitty on my shoulder.

I expect that those who love me, to support me and help me make this trip possible instead of telling me all the reasons it’s not practical.  I know that I haven’t worked out since I got here.  I expect to spend some time getting in shape.

I expect to spend some time raising money, ( it will take about $3000 to make that trip not including the bike and equipment) I expect to have every mile planned out before I leave.

I expect my “butt will hurt and that things will go wrong and that I will get sick of being on the road, and I may even just get sick”.  I honestly do know all of those things.  I know me well enough to know that all those miles of silence and movement are exactly what I need.  I am an adult challenging myself to actually make the most of my life.  It’s doable.

People my age and much older do this all the time.  I am setting a goal and working toward it with all the passion I applied to being here for Val this last year.   I have sent for maps that show the routes that cyclists take and joined a cycling group on-line.

I have connected with someone who has done this many times over and will help me get prepared to make the trip. I have to say Thank you for something… failing is no longer part of the equation. So many people have laughed at the idea that now I know just going till my heart stops hurting isn’t even possible. I have to make this trip ocean to ocean.

If you know me at all … You know that starting over is what I do best.

January 29, 2013 I begin again.  I hope that it’s OK that I stay in touch.





3 responses

3 02 2013
Velcro Not Strings

Thank you for the show of support but I don’t really have a website devoted to my crafts. I do post them on facebook. Making one is on my to do list…and will post it then.

2 02 2013

Please post a link to your crafts, we really want to help you make the trip.

4 02 2013
Velcro Not Strings

Thank you…because of you I have a funding page!

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