Ready or not!

23 12 2012


Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  I make gifts so anything that I am giving will be done by tonight. One Christmas when the kids were small I wrapped some unfinished Crocheted slippers and finished them after everyone opened their gifts.  I am always happy when it’s done because without that final flag I would never feel it was enough.   I would be working late into the night thinking of just one more person I HAD to do for and I always work down to the last second as it is.

Why do I insist on handmade gifts?  Year after year my Granddaughter got my crazy hats.  She is 10 now and too old for such things.  Last year I didn’t make her gift and she asked me why.  “You always seemed to hate the things I made Janna.”  “I didn’t always like the things the things you made, but I always loved the fact you made them just for me.”  So I am back to making things again…but no more hats.  Now I do ornaments and hope by the time she is grown she will leave home with a collection of them to hang every year and remember how I made them each for her.  Merry Christmas Everyone.




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