Going with the flow…

29 08 2012

I woke up yesterday hours before anyone and I got on the computer and wrote a bit.  Then my sweet nieces took me to breakfast and to the plane.  It was 2 hours early so I checked my bags, went upstairs and sat in a rocker and finished my coffee, ‘people watching’ by the gate to the security check point.  I still had my Gatorade bottle full and needed to consume that before going through the check point so I was glad to have some time yet before my flight.

Family’s, lovers, and friends all parting there at the gate, while parts flew off to places they wouldn’t be.  I sat thinking of what a luxury in this life that I had been blessed with.  This time to just sit and think and watch life go by.  Time without demands or worry’s.  The world far removed in those moments where I am not a part of anything.

If I don’t exist FOR someone else, do I still exist?  Before I came here I was so uncomfortable alone that I HAD to have someone else in my life to feel like I did.  Who is this person who seems to enjoy the not being?

I used the restroom and discovered that I started my period and I had just checked my bags.  No access to my just in case packs, no machine in the bathroom for replacement pads, no fresh clean underwear.  Just a roll of toilet paper and enough experience to know just how often it needed replaced.  Back to what I was doing.  Just enjoying the day.

Gatorade gone and I went though the check point with a smile and over to where I could refill my bottle with water.  Then to my terminal.  Plane arrived right on time I got a seat by the window and two lovely lady’s my age took the seats next to me and both pulled out a paperback and I took out my blanket and pillow and slept.

Plane switch went equally smooth.  Took the first available isle seat and settled in for my nap next to a young couple who were very much into each other.  Good, no need to chat there either.

Disembarked unnoticed, and walked to  the baggage area where a sign said it could be 30 minutes for bags to appear.  They had some beautiful art on display and while everyone else milled about the area fretting I was the only one who seemed to take note of it.  For that few moments I was wrapped in the silence of a gallery and art that left my curiosity peaked and my mind racing with possibilities.

The bags started down the conveyor and by the time I noticed, my own bag was alone coming around a second time.  No one was around when I stooped to pick it up and make my way to the ladies room.  Tossed the undies and put on a fresh pair with protection and was off again.  Just as I made it comfortably out the door my bus pulled up in front of me to take me to the flyaway station where I would be picked up.

3 hours of beading and my butterfly took flight on the zipper pull of my bag… 10 minutes of frame sketching later Stephanie was there smiling in the doorway, ready to take me home with her for a shower and chat and then to see her kids again for the first time in 19 years..

Off to dinner with Kane and her friend.  We had wonderful Mexican food in a little divvy place that served Mexican the way I remember it, real shredded meat,  and served with mildly seasoned rice and beans covered over in cheese. YUM.

Then snuggled in on the most comfy cuddle up couch invented to sleep until 5 am this morning to awaken with a start at feeling myself flow.  Nothing harmed.  Back to enjoying my trip.  No firm plans for how it will go.  So far it is just moving me along at its own pace and I am just going with it, undisturbed.




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