Cage me…I am whacked today!!!

24 07 2012

Someone posted that they thought they would be more comfortable if the mentally ill could be forced into mental hospitals and locked away where no one had to see them.  It’s all that I can do to keep from posting on HER site that the world be a more beautiful place if we could take everyone that made us uncomfortable and lock them all away!

Yes, do lock up all those with a disability!  Better yet lets add those with diseases that make them not pretty, the ones with pock-marked skin, or those who can’t control their limbs, and how about the fat ones!!!  By the way, we already shame all of them into hiding in their homes by not treating them like human beings!!!

Why not just stare at him with disgust when you see him and talk about him to others so that he can hear and be hurt by what you say; that is much cheaper on society as a whole!   I have been on the receiving end of this kind of treatment and I can tell you it is extremely effective.  Just make it more obvious that your elitist club isn’t for HIS kind, that it is for those that are Better off then him… that don’t need the HELP that you offer as bad.  Those that wouldn’t need half the understanding or resources, because you just can’t help HIS kind.

THIS is personal and she didn’t mean it personally.  I too have wandered the streets dirty and mumbling to myself.  I have been so out of it that the fear she speaks of the neighbors having of him was meant for me as well.  People are afraid of the mentally ill and every time it comes up in the media they play on that fear!  It sickens me and I take that very fucking personally!

It scares me because I know that when I seem to take every thing in the worst possible way, there is something different in my thinking.  I begin to want to scream at everyone that I come in contact with!   I only see wrong wrong wrong!!!   This is hard emotionally and harder because I know this means I am going to need medication if I don’t get past it soon.

I seem to spiral downward the longer I am in this space.  At this point I seem in it and out of it at the same time.  I don’t know if that makes any sense at all really but I am still able to see my thinking as irrational.

I had to stop answering letters and posts because I can be hurtful from this space.  I’m angry and the world is wrong and I too am scared!




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