In memory of…

23 07 2012

When we got married, Mom stocked our house with things that Bob had collected over the years. When he went “canning” he had often brought back treasures he had found that were too good to throw away. She washed them all up and stored them a way for a day when he would move out on his own and need them.

At 41 he finally did. She was beyond supportive and loving. She was the Mom I measure myself against and I am afraid I will always come up short.

She raised a man who did more with the 85 IQ points God gave him then most of the men I know with far more.  He thought that he had value and worth and was as competent as deserving of the good things that life offered as any born on this planet.  She always put HER children first in her life, right up to the end and sacrificed her own happiness for theirs gladly.

I was blessed for a time to share my life with hers. We all moved on before she did, but now she has.   The last few times I visited it seemed like it took a very long time before she acknowledged my presents.

It was like she was deep inside herself and it took a lot of effort to come out and speak with me.  She raised 6 wonderful children, Cindy, Sue, Debby, Carol, Billy and my husband Bob. I am sure that where ever she was she was enjoying all the best of the times they had together.

She was sweet, nurturing, and unselfish. The best qualities a Mom can have and the world is better for the gift of her in it.




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23 07 2012
Tommie Caudell

I’m sorry to hear that. She was a sweet lady.

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