I was thinking that we would do better.

17 07 2012

By now everyone has seen what Mc Donalds believes your low-income wage should be able to cover.  They want you to maintain 2 jobs, find health insurance for only $20 a month (Wait!!! I had horrible insurance that paid nothing and still cost us over $200), and not pay for heat!

To keep things simple they didn’t break down a lot of items.  After all when you have to buy all your personal items, keep your clothing clean, maintain and fuel your car and eat for less than $30.  a day, it looks pretty bad to knock off that first $10 for fuel alone.  Oh and I forgot to mention that this is only after you get your second job!

The fact that so many employers don’t want to pay a full living wage isn’t the whole picture.  People who are in a position to debate these things don’t even start to address the ways that low-income people are kept in their place.

How about the pressure to do way more than possible in the time allowed so that you’re “voluntarily” working off the clock to get it all done.  You will if you want to keep the job, because employers know that there are at least two dozen people standing in line for it if you don’t.

How about the fact that they keep changing your days and hours every week and then only give you schedules two days in advance.  That way they keep you from being able to find second jobs that would work anywhere close to your normal waking work hours.

Then if you choose that second job, besides working over 60 hours a week, your hours are spread so that you are lucky to get 4 hours of sleep a night to maintain it!  It’s ok you will get a nap in your car right after you drive though Wendy’s and eat off their dollar menu.

Waaaa Waaaa Waaaa.   Aren’t the majority of us sick of hearing about the few people stupid enough and lazy enough not to get a “decent” job?

Rusty Harris@Chad Hill  got 36 likes for his comment…” Why should I “share” what I have earned, with you? Did you help me in MY JOB, to say I should “share”?  Get up off your lazy butt, like I did from the time I was 14, AND WORK!  I had 2-3 jobs until I was out of college.  I have been gainfully employed in my chosen field for over 32 years!

Go Rusty!   I bet every last one of those likes are from healthy white males over 40.   Not one of them have listened to anything but Fox News for at least the last 20!   They don’t even want to realize that in the last 20 years most good paying jobs have been squeezed out by corporations that moved jobs over sea’s to fatten profits.

They don’t want to wake up and take an honest look at what younger people are facing.  It should make you a bit worried.  After all you’re in your 50’s and there are all those really way over educated young people coming up behind you, who are much more aware of what the markets needs are now.

Like Christopher Engleby ·of Penn State… ” the biggest problem facing our generation today is the refusal to admit its your own fault and get out their and change it.. start your own business .. for some reason we think we should be entertained and party 24/7 and still be paid like the people out their creating jobs and opportunities. sad”

He see’s the big picture but at 20 Christopher still thinks he has all the answers.   We will forgive you for not realizing that starting your own business may not be the perfect answer to paying off those school loans you’re adding up.

What kind of business will you start?  Failure rates in the first 5 years are high.  To help you out a bit here, in order from highest to lowest are the five year survival rates for new businesses.

  • mining (51.3 percent)
  • manufacturing (48.4 percent)
  • services (47.6 percent)
  • wholesaling and agriculture (47.4 percent)
  • retailing (41.1 percent)
  • finance, insurance, and real estate (39.6 percent)
  • transportation, communications and utilities (39.4 percent)
  • construction (36.4 percent)

You have no way to know how complicated starting a new business is or how hard it will be to compete with companies who produce products outside the US.  Of course you can start a business that out-sources all it’s work to China so that you can compete with Walmart’s prices.  Then at least you can afford to pay YOU.

If you don’t then you will be happy to know that about 25% of all workers have been willing to make less then $10. per hour and I’m sure it won’t bother you that most of those are adults that will have no retirement to look forward to.   If you succeed you will be happy that there are at least 25  job seekers for every job opening in the US.

If you don’t maybe being one of them will take just a bit of the bravado out of you.  Odds are that your both healthy white males.  Most of the cuts in employment clearly don’t seem to effect you.

Well, maybe you would have been more worried when they cut all those teaching jobs, if you had to think about having kids in school.

Nursing jobs?  Look for a nurse next time you need hospital care.  They have cut staffing to the bone!   People hire me to sit with family members in the hospital so they can get the care they need when the family isn’t around to give it.

Those people went to school and worked hard to get those $40,000 a year jobs.  Where do they work now?  Did you hear that they are letting go huge numbers of firemen, policemen, and government workers? Ouch!  Those people also make $35,000 -$60,000 a year.

All those incomes would have helped to support some of those new businesses you think everyone should get off their lazy butts and start.  Who will you sell to and serve?  As the number of empty store fronts in our town will attest to, just having a business doesn’t mean that you will make a living.

Where are these people going?  Are these people not worth counting as well?  Are they not worthy of caring about?  Wait who is going to keep us safe?   Who is going to take my complaint when they couldn’t send me my Birth-certificate for 7 months that I needed to renew my license because we are not willing to pay for those workers either?

If your part of the middle class that they are cutting you should be more worried then the rest of us really… because had you been out here having to find a job lately you would know, most employers don’t want to hire people way under the pay scale they are used to.

This is smart really.  They figure that your needs are not going to be met by the job and you won’t stay with it or be happy with what they offer long term.  Why hire you when there are so many already used to what they are willing to pay?

Well Rusty, you are looking at retirement but you haven’t looked up to notice that retirement is something that is slated to go!   Even if yours looks sewn up, tons of corporations have found ways to ditch their retirement responsibilities during bankruptcy proceedings and then open back up with a clean slate and even more profits.  You can always hope that the company you work for isn’t next in that line because Social security is not so secure anymore!

Good news is they are building more Walmart’s!   When you too find yourself unemployed by trickle down economics that long ago stopped trickling, you can always work there.  You see Walmart is used to moving into towns and hiring the people who made a living wage before they shut down all the places they used to work for.

They are willing to let you work for so little that you also qualify for food-stamps and medical!   Just kidding.  You see most states are shunning “Obama care” and making it impossible to get state medical and they just gutted the food stamp program.



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